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In this unfiltered podcast about infertility, Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two Ali Prato, who went through IVF herself, talks to women—and some men—about the messy, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking, absurd and sometimes hilarious journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby. Each episode tells a different story, getting real about miscarriages, egg freezing, sperm donors, adoption, infertility depression, secondary infertility, surrogacy, endometriosis, IUIs, acupuncture, nutrition, relationship drama, embryonic genetic testing, money issues, that crazy jealousy you feel when you see someone else with a baby bump, and so much more. We’ll cover the happy endings, the soul-crushingly sad ones, and the ones still in limbo.


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Apr 22, 2020

A lot has happened to Whitney Port since you first met her on MTV's The Hills and The City. She married Timmy, the love of her life, became an entrepreneur, started a podcast, With Whit, and had a son named Sonny. Today, she talks to Ali about the miscarriage that "rocked her world"—and how it brought up feelings of guilt, confusion, heartbreak and even selfishness. She also talks about not being sure if they're going to have another kid — and if she'll ever let Sonny watch her live out her 20s on reality TV.


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