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In this unfiltered podcast about infertility, Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two Ali Prato, who went through IVF herself, talks to women—and some men—about the messy, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking, absurd and sometimes hilarious journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby. Each episode tells a different story, getting real about miscarriages, egg freezing, sperm donors, adoption, infertility depression, secondary infertility, surrogacy, endometriosis, IUIs, acupuncture, nutrition, relationship drama, embryonic genetic testing, money issues, that crazy jealousy you feel when you see someone else with a baby bump, and so much more. We’ll cover the happy endings, the soul-crushingly sad ones, and the ones still in limbo.


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Nov 14, 2019

On today's episode, Ali talks to Debbie about her unexpected pregnancy at the age of 36, how she dealt with the heartbreak of losing that baby in the third trimester, starting to have kids again at the age of 39, and the eight rounds of IVF--and 450 shots--that lead to where she is today. "When I put my hands on my hips, I can still feel the soreness of those 21-gauge needles," she says, years later. 
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